Spiritual Hike – Part 2


(This is the second part of a series recounting a recent hike the Healing Room Team took at a local park).

I first read Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, (http://www.bartleby.com/119/1.html) in fourth grade.  The impression it left on my life continues to this day.  When given the choice of two roads, the road less traveled always sounds more inviting!  And it seemed evident again this morning as we hiked up the trail to the falls.  For down below, I could catch glimpses of Route 77 which runs parallel to the trail.  It was a quicker way to the falls but today, that is the road not taken.  The trail we were on was less traveled and much more interesting and rewarding

So, on our journey we continued.  Not the smoothest of trails, there were rocks and roots underfoot.  Narrow in places and short, steep ascents provided a challenging hike.  The freshness of the air, though, invigorated our mind and the exercise was good for our body.  More importantly, the words God spoke to our spirit “made all the difference.”  After about an hour, we came to our destination — a boardwalk path to the falls.  Here the path was smooth, flat and easy, following a stream to the base of the falls.  Once there we enjoyed the falls’ beauty and could sit, rest and continue to hear from God.

Our hike parallels the path one may take for healing.  Sometimes like Route 77, it is quick, fast, and easy.  God in His sovereign way blesses us and heals us very quickly.  Other times, God takes us on a different road.  A quick path to healing is the road not taken, and our trail requires numerous ascents of prayer, a challenge and an exercise of our faith muscles, and a quest to hear what God is speaking to our hearts. We may have to overcome rocks of offense and rooted mindsets.  Yes, the journey of healing can be a narrow path, a road less traveled, but in the end, when the healing comes and streams of living waters flow, it will “make all the difference” in our lives.



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  1. Hi Michell, Those fourth grade impressions stayed with us through the years. So great to read about this healing ministry that you lead. May the Lord bless you mightily to reach, touch, and bless everyone in your sphere of influence! Cletus

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