Love endures…


Frequently in The Healing Room, we minister to people who have been wounded by those who are close to them.  In relationships, we often find our needs are not met, harsh words may be spoken, and conflict arises causing anger, fear, and pain.  Yet, God commands us to love one another.

We tend to have this view that love is a Hallmark movie, and at the end of the day, we just fall sweetly in love with everyone around us.  But if you go to God’s Word and His definition of love, you will watch a different movie.  “Love endures long” says 1 Corinthians 13:4.  Endure at its easiest is defined as “continuing to exist in the same state”, at its toughest it means “to experience pain and suffering for a long time.”  What is it like to experience pain and suffering for a long, long time ??  That’s hard and difficult and soul crushing.

If you continue to watch this movie in 1 Corinthians 13, you will see that nothing about love gets much easier.   Love is not jealous, rude, insistant on its own way or rights, self-seeking, or resentful.  It takes no account of suffered wrongs.  Love bears up under anything and everything that comes its way, and never gives up hope.  This love story is not what we it?

Truly, though, when God sent His Son, Jesus, it is because He loves us just this way. As the Son of God, Jesus gave up His rights and became flesh.  He came and displayed His love for us by enduring the pain and suffering of the cross so that our sins would be of no account.  He never gives up hope and waits patiently for us to believe and to love Him.

Love endures long…nativity-star

And that my friends, is the love story of the ages…eternally better than any Hallmark movie.

Merry Christmas


Spiritual Hike – Part 2


(This is the second part of a series recounting a recent hike the Healing Room Team took at a local park).

I first read Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, ( in fourth grade.  The impression it left on my life continues to this day.  When given the choice of two roads, the road less traveled always sounds more inviting!  And it seemed evident again this morning as we hiked up the trail to the falls.  For down below, I could catch glimpses of Route 77 which runs parallel to the trail.  It was a quicker way to the falls but today, that is the road not taken.  The trail we were on was less traveled and much more interesting and rewarding

So, on our journey we continued.  Not the smoothest of trails, there were rocks and roots underfoot.  Narrow in places and short, steep ascents provided a challenging hike.  The freshness of the air, though, invigorated our mind and the exercise was good for our body.  More importantly, the words God spoke to our spirit “made all the difference.”  After about an hour, we came to our destination — a boardwalk path to the falls.  Here the path was smooth, flat and easy, following a stream to the base of the falls.  Once there we enjoyed the falls’ beauty and could sit, rest and continue to hear from God.

Our hike parallels the path one may take for healing.  Sometimes like Route 77, it is quick, fast, and easy.  God in His sovereign way blesses us and heals us very quickly.  Other times, God takes us on a different road.  A quick path to healing is the road not taken, and our trail requires numerous ascents of prayer, a challenge and an exercise of our faith muscles, and a quest to hear what God is speaking to our hearts. We may have to overcome rocks of offense and rooted mindsets.  Yes, the journey of healing can be a narrow path, a road less traveled, but in the end, when the healing comes and streams of living waters flow, it will “make all the difference” in our lives.



A Spiritual Hike – Part 1


Last Sunday, three of us from The Healing Room team ventured out on a “spiritual hike”.  The vision was to walk the trail to the waterfalls of a local park, along the way seeking and communing with God.  Being the eve of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, it was a divinely appointed time to look back over the past year and receive vision and plans for the future.

Having rained for the past four days, we were somewhat hesitant on the conditions of the trail.  But the day proved to be an excellent temperature with the sun peeking through occasionally.  The trail was a little muddy, but solid enough to provide sure footing.   As we hiked our way up the trail, we prayed, listened, and journaled.  Rocks, giant fallen trees, and roots along the trail inspired us to look to Jesus who is our Rock, trust Him to slay the Goliaths in life’s path, and to be deeply rooted and grounded in love in all that we do.

The Healing Room at Freedom Valley can join you on your own spiritual hike.  If you feel like it has been raining on your life for days, months, or even years, we can help dispel the clouds so the Son shines through.  Even if life’s trail has been muddy, we are glad to slosh through with you and find solid ground.  We point the way to Jesus, slay the Goliaths, and help root you in the great love that our Father has for us.  We are adventurers and are spiritually equipped for the journey.  Let’s embark together on this divine trail and find the vision and plan God has for you.

Focused on the One


I taught a class recently at my church with one student.  Of course, I was hoping and planning for more.  But we had a great time and learned a lot from each other.  I made a new friend… and it wasn’t through Facebook.

In The Healing Room on Saturday nights, we often have just one person coming in for prayer.   We are able to focus on that one person, give in depth spiritual insight, and be the conduit for healing.  The weight from their shoulders and the depression surrounding them is lifted.   Their countenance, perspective, and life is inevitably and eternally changed.

There is a place, in this busy world, for focusing on what is really important and centering your life on the One.  The One Person, The One Call, The One Purpose that changes everything.  Jesus.

One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in His temple.