We are trained prayer warriors, mature in our faith, who follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.  We will guide you on the pathway to health and wholeness… body, soul and spirit… by the healing power of Jesus Christ and the finished work of the cross.

My passion is to heal the broken hearted and propel them into the their God-given destiny.  His love, His voice, and His presence are the key ingredients to make it happen. 

Michell Trish


Thanks to God’s grace and mercy, I get to enjoy everyday life, and I love to see other people be set free to do the same.

Stefanie Walmer


Five years ago I came to the Healing Room and received personal healing. Since then I have continued to study aspects of healing to be able to use my gift to bless others. Christ rebuilds, restores and renews.

Autumn Montgomery

Because of God’s grace and mercy setting me free, I want to help others receive their healing and deliverance to live life in the freedom and wholeness God has provided.

Wanda Durf

In March 2017, I received prayer from the healing room team and my life has since been transformed, healed and set free. The compassion and love of Christ guides me and directs me to pray for others.

Brian Rosenberg

I was healed of combat PTSD & TBI through the healing room. I’m blessed to be able to pray for others healing, specifically in mental illness.  I can help people see the light in the darkness

Matthew Hagarman