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I attended the Freedom Valley Healing Room again two weeks later, this time with a higher level of faith and in a state of mind of receiving. The Holy Spirit blew me away. This time he started quickly with healing heat on my lower back, moved up my spine and into my brain. I realized I left that healing room with a healing around 75% or better to my back and about 25% to my neck. I believe he had healed my brain injuries and restored the cognitive functions I had lost. 
Dave B.
I used to burn myself with cigarettes and scratch myself until I bled. I was 20 years old and so hurt and broken. I never thought about asking God to remove these scars. See, my mindset was that I deserve those scars because they were self-inflicted. Somewhere deep down inside, I felt so unworthy. Our director, Michell Trish, as I was walking out the door, grabs a hold of my hand and starts praying over my scars, commanding then to be gone. These are 30-year-old scars. As of today, God has totally took away all cigarette burns! My right arm is totally healed! The scar that almost took my life and was a constant reminder of my battle of my past is totally gone! Dawn G.