We are here to pray for you!

We are here to pray for you!

We are here to pray for you!We are here to pray for you!We are here to pray for you!


In law and in religion, a testimony is a solemn attestation as to the truth of a matter.  Here are some of the many experiences that happened in the Healing Room and the truth of the matter.


Healing of gums

 " My teeth have been feeling stronger. My gums haven't been bleeding and I don't feel abandoned anymore. I can also see a little better as well! 


The negative spirits began to detach and I started to have clarity. I could literally feel myself getting lighter as the prayer continued. 

Knee pain healed

 We prayed, then asked how it felt. He said, “75% better.” So we prayed again. He said, “It’s 90%”. We were going for 100%, so we prayed again. He jumped up and down. “Yes, 100%!!”  


  Just wanted to let you know, real change happened in me Saturday night. I have a different, awesome relationship with God. I am experiencing freedom I've never felt before.

Brain injuries healed

The Holy Spirit blew me away. This time he started quickly with healing heat on my lower back, moved up my spine and into my brain. I realized I left the Healing Room with a healing around 75% or better to my back and about 25% to my neck. I believe He had healed my brain injuries and restored the cognitive functions I had lost.

Hammer toes straightened

 The team prayed for me - feet to head. The next morning when I woke up - my toes were all pretty & straight. I did have hammer toes. We do have an awesome GOD!!!

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